Monthly Tap on Tap evenings

7th October 2019

What happens at our monthly Tap on Tap evenings?

Our monthly Tap on Tap evening takes place on the first Thursday of every month from 7-9pm at Blackmarket VIP. There is something for all levels of tap dancer.

For complete beginners: Every Tap on Tap starts with a complete and utter beginner’s tap taster session at 7pm for about thirty minutes. If you’ve never tapped before but always wanted to try, this is for you. Anyone can join in – just turn up. Shoes with hard (not rubber) soles are best, or of course tap shoes if you have them. Wear whatever you like – jeans etc. are fine. The complete beginner’s taster session is followed by a simple routine aimed at those new to tap so stay and give it a try.

For those with previous experience: Following our complete beginner’s taster session, we kick off the evening with an easy routine. We then take a break and during the interval we have performances from local tap dancing groups. We kick off the second half with call and response using a range of rhythms, tempos and steps to accommodate all levels of dancer. On our live music nights, which take place every three months or so we include rhythmic response with our house drummer and some improvisation for those who want to give it a try (no pressure). We then teach some slightly harder combinations and variations, and end the evening with our Tap on Tap timestep. You can join in with as much or as little of the evening as you like.

For more advanced dancers and teachers: If you are an advanced tap dancer or teacher we would love to see you at Tap on Tap. We incorporate improvisation, trading and performance where we have sufficient interest so would love to hear from you. We are also looking for guest teachers to teach routines. If you are interested, please get in touch via or call Helen on 07970 558990.

How much does the evening cost?

Tap on Tap costs just £5. Tap on Tap is run on a not-for-profit basis. We channel any profit we make back into Tap on Tap, for example to fund portable tap flooring, promotional materials or live music. In addition to your entry fee, we also ask that you please buy a drink over the bar as a thank you to the venue for letting us use their facilities free of charge. Blackmarket VIP is a relaxed, friendly venue – the team have been hugely supportive of what we are trying to do, and you will be made to feel very welcome.

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Helen, Amanda & Rachel x